Pangong Lake, Leh Ladakh Overview


Pangong Lake, Leh Ladakh Overview 

The mainstream and shining blue Pangong lake are masterminded close Leh-Ladakh in the Himalayas, around at the height of 4350 meters. This endorheic lake is 12 kilometers long and connects from India to Tibet, with 66% of it lying in the last specified. Inferable from its tallness, the temperature here ranges from - 5°C to 10°C in view of which the lake hardens absolutely in the midst of winters in spite of its saltiness. A phenomenal component of the lake is that it doesn't remain blue reliably or even the day, rather it changes tones from purplish-blue to light blue to green and diminish also! It has been an excursion goal for a long time and has expanded further notoriety in the wake of being an 'issue territory' for a few, film shoots, besides being a major for anyone wandering out to Leh - Ladakh. The amazing brilliance, valuable stone waters and fragile inclines of Pangong Lake are a surprising instance of the great scene of the locale.

On account of the briny water, the lake does not reinforce land and water proficient life other than some ocean bugs called scavengers by oceanographers. Pangong lake is home to many moving winged animals in summer, and one can see different ducks and gulls "surfing". Other than being a safe house for these fowls, it is similarly a basic replicating ground for winged creatures like Brahmani ducks and seagulls. Some are blessed to perceive a Kiang which is a wild ass or a Marmot, which is a tanish rodent neighborhood to Ladakh that can create up to the degree of a little young doggie. There are two streams from the Indian side that shape the wetlands and marshes at the edges. It is the magnificence of the perfect blue waters that take the vacationer's thought the most. The quietness and serenity of this place are the guest's paradise.

Outdoors and Homestays in Pangong 

The normal setting of Pangong makes for an ideal goal for a curious small outdoors enterprise. In the event that you wish to camp at the lake, you should need to consider rising which is the main feasible choice. The tents are very perfect, comfortable and OK with dinners incorporated into the bundle. notwithstanding the camps, you can likewise experiment with homestays here where neighborhood families give settlement. The perfect place to live is 32 kilometer from Pangong lake in a place called Tangste. Additionally, there are spots to live in and around the region of Lukung which is close likewise found close by and has the arrangement of eco-cabins. One can, in any case, be based at Leh, which has various choices for settlement and take a multi-day outing to the lake. The wonderful setting of this goal makes it a perfect spot to unwind and loosen up.

The Lake in Winters 

Winter transforms the scene of Pangong into a shining and frigid party. The mountains show a vivid diverge from sand commanding one side while snow shows up on the other. The lake stops to a flat out turquoise, and you can even walk everywhere on this solidified magnificence. The sun doesn't make a big deal about an appearance and mist envelopes the scene. Be that as it may, the temperature here gets to at least - 14°C, so make certain to pack loads and heaps of woolens!

Pangong Lake and its Bollywood interface 

The unadulterated normal excellence of the Pangong Lake makes it a most loved goal among executives for shooting and recording. Various blockbusters have been shot here, which incorporates astonishing works, for example, Dil Se, 3 Idiots, Heroes, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Sanam Re, Waqt and Tashan among numerous others. The Bollywood addict in you will feel like a hotshot here!

Best time to visit Pangong Lake 

It is best to visit this lake in summers, definitely from the long stretch of June to the period of September as in winter because of its extraordinary climate and high height the excursion would not be as agreeable and the lake would be solidified also. A visit in summer will open a road to see diverse transient winged creatures and other verdure fauna.

The most effective method to Reach Pangong Lake 

It is a stunning 5-hour drive from Leh, with the whole course to this goal being the exemplification of picturesque excellence. The Lake falls on the Sino-Indian Line of Actual Control and you are required to get Inner Line authorization. Additionally, in light of the fact that the Pangong Lake is arranged near the fringe, you will be permitted to visit just up to the Spangmik town. From Leh, you have to go through the Changla Pass and the through Tangste. General transports by the state street transport enterprise are likewise accessible. Furthermore, you can enlist taxis, motorbikes, jeeps and autos are sensible costs too. Ensure you have enough fuel in your vehicle as there is no petroleum draws in Pangong.

Best Restaurants Nearby 

There are a couple of restaurants and slows down at the lake offering famous neighborhood things, Maggi and tea. One may need to, in any case, convey their own particular sustenance for an outing to the lake. While choices for sustenance at the lake are constrained, you may discover famous and nearby arrangements, for example, Thukpa which is a noodle soup, Tsampa, referred to in Ladakhi as Ngamphe (cooked grain thrived grain flour), and Skyu which is a substantial pasta dish with a lot of veggies and also the extremely prominent and tasty Momos which are steamed dumplings loaded down with vegetables or meat. Beverages incorporate tea, espresso, lager and Chang which is a mixed refreshment alcoholic, particularly on bubbly events.


Pangong lake is best observed on a trek to Leh. From Leh, begin right on time to appreciate the dawn amid your drive to Pangong Tso. Spend the entire day, till the evening investigating the lake and its encompassing lake Tso Moriri. One may likewise approach investigating whatever remains of the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary.

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