Nagaland's Hornbill Festival Goes International


Nagaland's Hornbill Festival Goes International

Celebration Details  

India is a place that is known for distinctive, uproarious and invigorating festivals. Groups have been a basic bit of our history, culture and people. Familial festivals are some glorious good times of our nation. Of the different inborn festivals in India, one which has made its imperfection on an overall scale is the Nagaland's' Hornbill Festival. Nagaland includes 16 remarkable tribes. Hornbill Festival was started as an effort by Nagaland State Tourism and Art and Culture Departments to being as one the different groups. The effort has now achieved an overall circumstance where standard music &dance, articulations and activities are thriving. Moreover, a Rock Music Festival is dealt with which brings swarms from wherever all through the world.


Hornbill Festival is lauded every year on the essential multi-day stretch of December. From first to tenth December, Nagaland is seen celebrating inborn culture, astounding grouped assortment, and great past and promising future.


Hornbill Festival is a "Festival of Festivals". All families get together and demonstrate their social orders, moves, music and make a display of good times. The festival is named after the timberland remaining Indian hornbill. The exquisite flying animal is indicated in the old accounts of all tribes of the state. As the standard subject, the festival is named so. This Festival gives the shocking opportunity to experience Nagaland'sdiversity of sustenance, made works, regular tunes, moves and conventions.

The Hornbill Festival Celebrations incorporate the Traditional Naga Morungs Exhibition and offer of Arts and Crafts, Traditional songs and moves, Local Games, Traditional Archery, Naga wrestling, Flower shows and arrangements, Beauty Contest, Fashion shows up, Herbal Medicine Stalls, Food Stalls, show of centerpieces, figures and wood carvings and a Musical show. Contemporary experts get a phase to demonstrate their indications.

The Hornbill National Rock Concert after dusk obtains the overall bubbly flavor. Melodic packs from everywhere throughout the country and furthermore general limits come to fight in the show. Gatherings can be seen from wherever all through the globe.


Festivities in India were continually associated with cultivating. Nagaland and its tribes adulated the same. The Nagaland State Tourism and Art and Culture Departments joined all factions advancement merriments to influence a marvelous occasion of workmanship, to culture, music, move and festivities.

Started in 2000, the festival demonstrated the great heritage of Nagaland. 2007 saw the beginning of the Rock Music Festival giving it a worldwide stage. Today the festival has made a worldwide name. Not simply Nagaland, the marvels of all North Eastern states of India can be seen under one housetop. The good times are different. From articulations, traditions, sustenance, works out, music, moving and shopping, relish the plenitude of traditions so readily defended.

Where to Go 

The Hornbill Festival is held at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama in Nagaland. Around 12 km from Kohima, witness overall gatherings clearing a way to adulate the Festival of Festivals. Celebrate with 16 families of Nagaland and diverse states of North East India.

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